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  1. 這產品的上架日期是星期五 17 十一月, 2023。

    C3.The BIGWIG Front damper set.


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    The BIGWIG Front damper set.
    Part Number: OP58558

    This is setting only for The BIGWIG with RC Channel suspension arm.
    Because original damper under tube is 6 mm.
    This damper ball end is 7.5 mm.
    Damper eye to eye about 87 mm.
    Silicone damper oil setting #300 compatible TAMIYA 53443 orange (soft set).

    2 x Front shock be filled oil.
    2 x M3x16 mm hex screw. (damper under fixed)
    2 x M3x20 mm hex screw. (damper top fixed)
    4 x Aluminum washer 4mm.
    2 x M3 flange nut. (damper top fixed)

    Will fit the following cars:
    47330 The BIGWIG