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    3. TAMIYA Brat professional rear shock customizes set.

    Our Price:  USD$38.00

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    TAMIYA Brat professional rear shock customizes set.
    Item number: OP58384

    Note :
    This set is for professional buyer customizes.
    This set is move down shocks screw to under other strong hole.
    Because original C part 0005161 plastic rear arm is damage screws hole or split.
    Please note the Brat is OP58384. Frog is OP58355.

    2 x Rear aluminum shocks with spring.
    2 x Rear shocks aluminum bracket.
    2 x Pre-load adjust mount.
    1 x Aluminum middle bracket.
    4 x M3x40 stainless steel hexagon socket head screw.
    4 x M3x20 stainless steel hex screw.
    4 x 5mm aluminum shocks screw washer.
    2 x Anti-slip washer.


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