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    A. Sand Scorcher & Buggy Champ metal Kit

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    TAMIYA Sand Scorcher & Buggy Champ metal Kit

    Apply for:
    RC SAND SCORCHER (2010)Item #58452
    RC BUGGY CHAMP (2009)Item #58441

    This kit is all new design mold and new CVA dual Universal joint drive shaft.
    The kit already updates for metal ball end joint and all parts.
    Vintage old styles uncertain suitable for this set.

    We found vintage SRB had different spec of rear arms and die-casting mold.
    Please make sure your original rear arms case base spec is more than 61.1mm.
    RC Channel rear arm spec is about 61mm.
    We find some vintage old version rear arm case is less than about 60.6mm.
    This means RC Channel rear arm gauge is about 61mm, which can't be fitted to the old SRB rear arm case and needs to be modified to under 60.5mm.
    please make sure first and we will help you.

    This kit is not including the front and rear shock.
    This kit is not including the alloy metal gear cover and motor cover.
    This kit is not including the aluminum rim.

    Sand Scorcher alloy wheel set. WA55100
    Buggy Champ alloy wheel set. WA55200
    Buggy Champ front aluminum bumper guard MA58500
    Sand Scorcher front aluminum bumper guard MA58510
    Buggy Champ/Sand Scorcher shock set OP58564
    Buggy Champ/Sand Scorcher shock set with spring OP58574
    Sand Scorcher aluminum wheel set WA55100
    Buggy Champ silver aluminum wheels set WA55200

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