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  1. 這產品的上架日期是星期三 15 一月, 2020。

    TAMIYA XR311 simple front and rear metal kit.


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    TAMIYA XR311 simple front and rear metal kit.
    RC Channel item number: TA65511

    Front control arms assembly without Front bulkhead.
    Rear control arms assembly without gear box and bulkhead.
    Front and rear damper mount.

    We have supply TAMIYA XR311 simple front and rear metal kit.
    This kit is more cheaper and we accept customers recommend cost down.
    We are new design the suspension arm and with shock damper design.
    You can option RC Channel shock set or other RC market shock set.
    We are test this kit long time and it is good work on the XR311 vehicle.

    RC Channel shock set without spring: OP85055
    RC Channel shock set with spring: OP85155
    XR311 / Lamborghini Cheetah aluminum under panel: MA75311
    XR311 / Lamborghini Cheetah EVO aluminum under panel: MA95311
    TAMIYA XR311 Stainless steel screws set: SW58004

    This kit comes without shock set and aluminum under panel.
    You can buy shock set or don't need shocks as original no shocks on the vehicle.
    We are recommended add shock set on this kit is perfect.
    Please use the ball end remove wrench tool to separate ball end and copper ball connector screw.
    Rude remove ball end from the copper ball connector screw maybe damage the ball end part.

    Compatible kits:
    TAMIYA XR311 item: 58004
    This metal kit probably use on Lamborghini Cheetah #58007.