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  1. 這產品的上架日期是星期四 07 七月, 2022。

    2. TAMIYA Frog/Brat professional front shock set.


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    TAMIYA Frog / Brat professional front shock set.
    Item number: OP58354

    Note 1:
    This set is for professional of DIY (do it yourself).
    Because it requires drilling and tapping screw hole.
    If you can't process drilling and tapping thread or not suitable for tools. Please don't purchase.
    This set effectively reduces front suspension sway and gap.
    The gap washer can possibly adjust front suspension sway.
    Player have to choice correct gap washer reduce the gap.
    Please note the gap need some free space.

    2 x Front aluminum shocks with oil.
    2 x Front radius arms with M3 aluminum ball end.
    2 x Ball connector 5mm with M3 thread.
    2 x M2 aluminum steering ball end with nut.
    4 x M3x14 stainless steel hex shocks screw.
    4 x 3mm aluminum shocks screw washer.
    4 x M3x16 stainless steel hex screw. (spare part)
    6 x M3 stainless steel nut.
    1 x Drilling location base construction sticker.
    4 x King shaft gap washer 7x4x0.2mm.
    4 x King shaft gap washer 7x4x0.3mm.
    6 x Front suspension gap washer 8x4x0.2mm.
    6 x Front suspension gap washer 8x4x0.3mm.

    Note 2:
    If you tapping M3 thread are fail.
    You can use rescue part M3x16 lengthen hex screw to lock M3 nut.
    You also can change left and right suspension aluminum base get second chance of drilling and tapping.