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  1. 這產品的上架日期是星期六 23 十二月, 2023。

    A2.Hotshot II / Boomerang Front under suspension arm (B type)


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    Hotshot II / Boomerang Front under suspension arm (B type).
    Part Number: TC68817B
    Compatible Brand: TAMIYA 9005867/19005867/0005119 F Parts under suspension arm.

    This is RC Channel new design and uses the TAMIYA original suspension arm screw pin.
    It is easy remove and fit for maintain service.

    2 x Front under suspension arm.
    2 x Front long damper stay.
    2 x M3x10 mm button head socket screw. (Damper stay use)
    2 x Stainless steel ball connector.
    2 x Stainless steel e-ring.
    4 x Plastic ball end house.
    2 x 4mm Aluminum washer. (Original front damper use)
    2 x M3x16 mm hex screw. (Original front damper use)

    Will fit the following cars.
    47330 The BIGWIG (not use the damper stay)
    58055 Boomerang
    58062 Hot Shot II
    58066 Super Sabre
    58418 The Boomerang (2008)
    58710 Blockhead Motors