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  1. 這產品的上架日期是星期一 16 四月, 2018。

    Metal shock with rubber bushing


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    RC Fast Attack / RC Wild One metal shock with rubber bushing.

    They are also fit on Vintage old RC Fast Attack.

    Set of 4


    2 x Front metal shock with rubber bushing

    2 x Rear metal shock with rubber bushing

    2 x Left and right front aluminum damper stay

    2 x M3x18mm hex screw

    4 x M3 locking nut

    2 x Front aluminum 5mm washer

    2 x Rear aluminum 2mm washer

    2 x M3x16mm hex screw

    2 x Front aluminum 3mm washer

    If you want use RCC shock fit to original plastic front arm.

    Please to modify the damper stay like photo A~C or do some