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    1.9" Beadlock Aluminum wheel set. Gold color

    Our Price:  USD$80.00

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    RC Channel part number: WA61905.
    This rim is standard dimensions as TAMIYA original rim.
    This set is fit almost brand original axle use 2mm shaft mount 12mm hex.
    If you want fit on RC Channel metal axle.
    Please tell me change the adapter for RC Channel axle (WB80065)

    Product Specifications:
    Width: 26mm.
    Diameter: 52mm (1.9").
    Standard 2mm shaft mount.
    Beadlock design.
    Scale Wheel cover with RC Channel logo.

    What's Included:
    4 x Beadlock Aluminum wheel with tire ring.
    4 x Wheel adapter mount 2mm shaft (same 12mm hex mount inside 2mm shaft)
    4 x Aluminum wheel cap with RC Channel logo.
    4 x Wheel adapter substitute ring (some customer do not want use wheel cap)
    20 x Hex screws M2.5X6mm

    Use the general 2mm shaft fit on drive shaft.
    Fit almost 1.9" size tires.
    This is standard offset as original TAMIYA 1.9" rim.
    If you also want buy extra one for spare. Please tell me.
    Due to many different methods to design Tires and Wheels, we have no control over other manufacturers products. So we can only tell you that RC Channel Tires and Wheels work together and TAMIYA original Tires also good work with RC Channel Wheels. In some cases our Wheels and Tires will work with other brand Wheels and Tires, but we can not guarantee the outcome.

    Other option:
    Change the adapter for RC Channel axle (WB80065)
    You also can purchase this wheel set with tires. This way with some discount (WT61905)

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