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  1. 這產品的上架日期是星期日 27 十一月, 2011。

    A3. CC-01 Front metal wheel kit


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    CC-01 Front metal wheel kit.
    This product is only front wheel component not include RC truck

    Apply to all CC-01 and XC-01 chassis:
    Mitsubishi Pajero,Jeep wrangler,Isuzu mu / Type X,Honda CRV,vw Race-Touareg
    Item : #58132,58141,58152,58166,58178,58324,49490

    1 x Front life wheel hub with arm assembly
    1 x Front right wheel hub with arm assembly
    2 x Upper suspension arm for the hub
    4 x Drive shaft joint rubber boot 10mm
    2 x Lower arm shaft
    4 x Lower arm shaft 3mm e-ring
    2 x Up shock 5mm aluminum space washer
    4 x 3mm washer
    2 x Hub space collar 3x4x7mm
    2 x M3 lock nut
    2 x M3 Flange lock nut
    4 x M3x20 Hex socket cap screw
    2 x M3x25 Hex socket cap screw
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